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Believe In Yourself & Don’t Give Up

Believe In Yourself & Don’t Give Up

Recently, this video is going viral on my FaceBook. Its a YouTube video of The Amazing Transformation of a Guy Who Didn’t Give Up!

A lot of us give up when faced with challenges along the way, be it setting up your online business or whatever activities you plan to achieve. I too gave up, not once but twice, because I’m living in my comfort zone too much and moving out of it is too tough for me. Now I’m back again to fulfill the goals I made 2 years ago. I shall learn from my mistakes and make it a point to review my action plan weekly.

This truly inspiring video is about how faith and belief can do amazing things to impact our lives.

What are you doing stop yourself from giving up? How do you stay positive in your pursuit for success? Lets share our experiences.

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Dan Ang is a IT enthusiast, software developer and partner at Silver Medicare Consortium. He has more than 7 years of professional experience in software development.

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  • Roger Weavers

    Hi Dan,

    The key to success is persistence.
    If you want something bad enough you will achieve it.
    Don’t give up on your dreams, but learn from your mistakes.

    all the best
    Roger Weavers recently posted..How To Find The Best Keywords for SEOMy Profile

  • Kevin

    Awesome video. Normally I just ignore videos, but I am glad that I took the time to watch this one. Not only was he able to walk again, he was able to lose all the weight as well. That is impressive and inspiring.

    What I do to stay motivated is that I keep my goals at hand wherever I am at. I look at my goals a few times a day. I am so focused on the end result that the daily tasks almost seem effortless.
    Kevin recently posted..An Early Morning Revelation…My Profile

  • Karl Dieterich

    Dan -
    What a great video! I wanna know what that yoga instructor did to keep him motivated.
    Thanks for sharing that!

    -Karl (fellow MWA member)

  • Paul Conway

    Hey Dan

    Thank you very much for sharing this exceptional video. It moved me so much that I have added it to my blog.

    I am sure my readership will enjoy it as much as we did :)

    Thank you for sharing
    Paul Conway recently posted..Edifying | InspirationalMy Profile

  • Gerald

    Dan, a truly inspiring video, thanks for sharing. This quote sums it up:

    “It’s always too early to quit” Norman Vincent Peale.
    All the best.
    Gerald recently posted..Where Is The MoneyMy Profile

  • Clare

    Hi Dan,

    Brilliant video, what an inspiration! I have problems with my feet and yoga has helped me a lot too but looking at him – that’s AMAZING – fantastic. :-)

    I wish you the best with all your goals too. Clare :-)
    Clare recently posted..Online StrategiesMy Profile

  • Deborah Anderson

    Very inspiring, and so true. Even when success is not evident, or at least, not evident to us, persistence is key. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jeremy

    Very inspirational video. This videos just get me pumped up (and also wanting to hit the gym haha)!

  • Joey Xoto

    Hey Dan,

    Excellent post and very brutally honest!

    I actually wrote a post just about this; and it’s so true. The tasks involved in getting an online business set up can be so laborious and mundane, and if you’re a bit of a technophobe like me, it’s 100 times harder! I think the real key as Alex J says, is “take baby steps”… One little thing at a time prevents you from becoming overwhelmed.

    Great work Dan, blog looks awesome and looks like your doing a great job.



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