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Use Google Reader To Do Blog Commenting Efficiently

Use Google Reader To Do Blog Commenting Efficiently

Participating in blog comments is a great way to get traffic. But are you having problem keeping track of the blogs you want to put your comments to? Imagine having to track 20 blogs at the same everyday. Without an efficient method of doing this, you will go crazy some day.

This morning, I will share about how do you keep track of blogs efficiently so that when they publish a new article, you can leave participage in their blog comments immediately. What you should be aiming at, is to be the first few visitors to comment on it. Reason? This will give you higher chances of incoming traffic. You can refer to my previous post on What I have discovered to drive traffic to your blog!

Alright, lets get started. I want to introduce you to Google Reader. This is an awesome tool to keep track of the blogs you want to read. What other tool are you using? Leave me your comments below. If you have not signed up for a Google account, you should do so immediately because Google has a whole bunch of useful tools for us like Google Analytics, Google+, Google Drive, Google App. I shall not go through each of them in detail today. Lets concentrate on Google Reader. If you want to find out more on the others, let me know.

So What is Google Reader About?

Google Reader is a simple tool to aggregate blog posts from all the various websites you are interested in. You can then organize them into various categories or folders to facilitate your reading.

How does it benefit you?

Let me show you a screenshot.

Track Blogs Efficiently With Google Reader

Using Google Reader, you no longer need to visit the blog to check for new article. Google Reader does that job for you. For every website you add to it, it goes out to retreive all the articles for you to read in 1 place. Its like reading a newspaper. You save precious time looking out for new articles to comments and it makes blog reading more efficient as well.

Where can you get started?

If you are have a Gmail account, Google Reader is already available to you. Simply login to your Gmail account, on the top panel, click More > Reader. I attached a screenshot below for a clearer picture.

Track Blogs Efficiently With Google Reader

If you do not have a Gmail account, head over to Login or signup for a Google account if you do not have one. Getting a Google account is highly recommended as it also allows you to use its Google Analytics tool that enables you to do powerful analysis on your traffic. Even the gurus are recommending Google Analytics.

How does it make blog commenting more efficient?

Once you’re in, click on the “Subscribe” button and enter the blog/website you want to track or subscribe to. For example, my blog, you will enter Alternatively, you can copy and paste the url in.

Track Blogs Efficiently With Google Reader

Once done, click on Add and it will be added to your list of subscriptions. Its that easy.

You can find the list of blogs you added under the Subscriptions in the left hand panel. Click on the blog you have just subscribed to and its feeds is displayed on the right hand panel.

Track Blogs Efficiently With Google Reader

Okie here comes the most important & exciting part. Notice that this already gives you a summary of what are the previous posts on the blog together with its last published times. This means that without even visiting the blog, you are able to know if theres any new post published on the blog. This helps you to scan for new blog posts to add your comments easily and efficiently without even visiting the website. Its a time saver. You can even read back on whats was last published. A very quick way to read past articles as well.

I’ve been using Google Reader to track all blogs I want to visit for blog commenting. It allows you to aggregate all your blogs subscription into 1 single place. Its like reading a newspaper. Its a simple yet powerful tool to improve our efficiency in tracking new blog articles to participate in their comments. You save precious time to concentrate on content creation.

Is there other tools that you’re using to improve efficiency? Lets share it in the comments :)

Hope to hear from you,
Dan Ang


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